www.sweetooth0.com RSS feed http://www.sweetooth0.com/index.html site updates for www.sweetooth0.com The Taint [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/taint.html There was quite a lot of controversy around this one in toon town when it’s screening, along with Dead Hooker in a Trunk which would have been paired with it in a double feature, was cancelled at the Roxy Theatre.  Female Prisoner #701 Scorpion Series [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/femaleprisoner701scorpion.html Since I’m a lazy ass even though I haven’t done shit with this site in a month, I am once again opting for one review for all 4 flicks.  Scream 4 [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/scream4.html I had other commitments on the opening weekend for this one so I didn’t get around to seeing it until last night. In truth I actually hadn’t seen any of the Scream movies in full other than the first one until just recently in order to get up to speed before going to see number 4 Hobo With A Shotgun [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/hobowithashotgun.html So, was Eisner able to transform 2 minutes of trailer awesomeness into a full length movie? Abso-fucking-lutely friends. This is the type of movie that has been sorely lacking in cinemas of late, with the exception of gold like Machete. It’s 100% balls to the wall, over the top exploitation, Canuck style! A Boy and His Dog [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/aboyandhisdog.html Now here’s a pretty cool post apocalyptic flick that I’d never heard of before. It stars Don Johnson, who looks to be about 19 or 20 in this thing Drive Angry [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/driveangry.html This is a movie that was made to see in the theatre, in 3-D, and loud as fucking hell. The Planet of the Apes Saga [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/planetoftheapes1-5.html Rather than do a separate review for each of the Planet of the Apes films, I figured I’d go economical (read: lazy) and combine them all into one gigantic review. This will cover only the original Planet of the Apes films and not the Tim Burton remake. Anchorman: Wake Up Ron Burgundy, The Lost Movie [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/anchormanwakeupronburgundy.html I recently watched this movie that had somehow gone undetected by me since it was released in 2004 (!) and afterwards I could see why there wasn’t a lot of fanfare involved and how it could have gone under the radar. See this isn’t the long awaited sequel to Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy. It’s actually an entire movie edited together from deleted footage and alternate takes from the original movie. The Mechanic (1972) [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/mechanic1972.html No not the new Jason Statham vehicle by the same name (a remake of this version from 1972), well not entirely anyway. This review’s all about the original, starring the one and only Charles Bronson, and I'll compare to the remake on a few points since I've seen both Tetsuo III: The Bullet Man [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/tetsuo3.html Shinya Tsukamoto returns with the third entry in his hyperkinetic cyberpunk monster movie series, Tetsuo The Bullet Man. Rampage [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/rampage.html Uwe Boll has built up a reputation over the years as one of the worst director’s making films today. To be honest here though, while movies like Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead were definitely shit, there’s definitely much MUCH worse lurking on the shelves of any video store. But then Uwe released Postal, and while it essentially had nothing at all to do with the game, it was a genuinely funny, over the top with the bad taste, comedy. My brother then pointed me in the direction of this little ditty, by the title of Rampage. Tron Legacy [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/tronlegacy.html Finally got around to seeing Tron Legacy the other night. After seeing the trailer for it at the front end of practically every movie I’d seen in theatres in 2010 I was pretty excited to check it out, but the holiday season always tends to be pretty busy so I didn't get to go opening weekend like I normally do Impark is Legalized Rape [BULLSHIT - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/bullshit/imparkisrape.html If you’ve ever found yourself the recipient of a 30 dollar parking ticket for being in an impark lot mere minutes past the expiration of your parking pass you will truly know what it means to be raped. These fucking jerkoffs have somehow managed to figure out a way to charge people money to park on a patch of fucking dirt and get away with it The Tortured [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/tortured.html I read a bit about this movie that seemed to paint it in a pretty positive light for a relatively small budget movie, and with Bill Moseley starring as a psychotic child killer and the movie being put out by Twisted Pictures (of Saw fame) I figured it would be worth a watch Jonah Hex [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/jonahhex.html I skipped this one at the theatre when it came out this summer, but finally got around to watching it the other night. I don’t know anything about the comic, but the reviews of this thing didn’t exactly get me very excited for it this summer, which is probably why I skipped it Saw 7 (aka Saw 3D) [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/saw7-3D.html this year’s theatrical horror slate for October was downright pathetic. I mean I even had to break my horror only rule to go see Jackass 3-D because there simply wasn’t any horror playing at the theatre. What the fuck is up with that? So in that sense, the newest Saw movie was a sigh of relief to finally have some bloody carnage splattered all over the silver screen this Halloween season.  Night of the Demons 2009 [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/nightofthedemons2009.html I heard a decent amount of positive buzz for this thing back around the time it got its limited run in theatres. The original was one of those iconic movie covers every kid saw on the shelf of their local video store with the maniacally grinning, demonic visage of Angela emblazoning the front of the VHS box along with that oh-so famous tagline: Angela is having a party. Jason and Freddy were too scared to come. But you’ll have a hell of a time 3-D TV’s = FAIL [BULLSHIT - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/bullshit/3dequalsfail.html Many of you are probably like me, you stuck with your good ol’ 27inch CRT television until the whole hi-def standard and hi-def format war was over so you didn’t get raped in the ass by buying technology that became obsolete Resident Evil: Afterlife [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/residentevil4.html After seeing quite a few post production 3-D films over the last little while I gotta say the thing that immediately strikes you when watching Resident Evil: Afterlife is how much better this looks. There’s still no beating the true stereoscopic 3-D yet. The Human Centipede [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/humancentipede.html I heard about this IFC funded flick a little while back and was definitely curious too see just how sick it was gonna get. If you’re one of those few people on the planet who’s been living under a rock and hasn’t heard the premise for this thing yet I’ll lay it out for you. Chicks get lost in backwoods of Germany, end up at crazy German ex-surgeons house, crazy German ex-surgeon turns them into human centipede by surgically joining them and a Japanese dude ass to mouth  Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders - The Second Coming [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/savagehenrysecondcoming.html Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders are back like a Peter North sized mega load shot into the eager face of the Saskatoon rock scene with their long awaited sophomore release.  Savage Henry and The Infamous One Pounders - Abuse it or Lose it [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/savagehenryabuseit.html This CD pretty much defines what 100 percent Wild Records is all about, booze, drugs, and sex set to a combination of punk and gutter rock. This is the type of shit that will appeal to punkers, bikers, metal heads, rockers, and sex offenders alike, you just can’t lose here, so abuse it!. Is Henry a modern day rock’n’roll Moses who has united his people with the power of filthy rock !T.O.O.H.! – Ràd a Trest (aka Order and Punishment) [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/toohorderandpunishment.html This crazed band from the Czech republic who’s bizarre acronym for a band name stands for The Obliteration of Humanity, plays some of the wildest (and most entertaining) experimental grindcore out there Brian “Head” Welch – Save Me From Myself[MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/head-savemefrommyself.html if only someone hadn’t saved Head from himself, then perhaps we wouldn’t have this ridiculous album on our hands. Honestly, after reading some reviews of this thing I thought it would be a lot more over the top than it actually is. In actuality the majority of this album just sounds like a generic alternative radio rock band trying to imitate Korn, badly Machete [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/machete.html Machete is pure entertainment that we need more of. In this day and age where 96% of all movies made are remakes or reboots, it’s nice to see an original property kick so much anus.  I Shit On Your Face - Anal Barbeque [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/ishitonyourfaceanalbbq.html With a band name as ridiculously offensive as I Shit on Your Face you’d expect at the very least that you’d be getting some entertaining sloppy porn/gore grind. Actually what you get is something that straddles the line between simplistic brutal death metal of the slamming variety and the aforementioned goregrind. Gutterballs MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/gutterballs.html Gutterballs is a rape revenge meets slasher flick set in a bowling alley during the 1980’s. The version I saw had a soundtrack of nothing but old 80’s Canadian rock tunes that you would’ve definitely heard in a bowling alley in Surrey BC. We’re talking Loverboy, BTO, Trooper, Chilliwack, April Wine, and Honeymoon Suite. The Last Exorcism (aka Hausu) [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/lastexorcism.html The trailers looked decently promising, and with Eli Roth on board to produce, and it being made by the guys at Strike, the wife and I figured this one would be a good time at the movies. House (aka Hausu) [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/houseakahausu.html This is probably the most insanely weird movie I have ever seen. It is literally impossible to watch this film without wondering just what the fuck is going on for pretty much the entire running time. Piranha 3D [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/piranha3d.html So did Piranha 3D deliver the gory B-movie goods? Your goddamn right it did! This is the movie The Final Destination should have been Lavagoat - self titled (2010) [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/lavagoat.html Saskatoon has enjoyed a pretty respectable pack of crossover thrash, crust and grind bands over the past decade, but one area that seemed to be lacking was doom metal. Lavagoat is here to change all of that. Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/mayhemdemysteriis.html One of the most well known classics of the Norwegian 2nd wave of Black Metal in the late 80’s and early nineties, and rightfully so, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is one the greatest black metal albums of all time and should be in every self respecting black metal fans collection The Expendables [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/expendables.html After much hype and hoopla, Sylvester Stallone’s media dubbed epic mashup of 80’s action finally makes its way to the silver screen. Did The Expendables live up to the hype surrounding it? Manticore – Bowels of the Holy Anoint Us in Evil [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/manticore-bowels.html Manticore plays what can be summed up as ugly-as-fuck sounding satanic blackened death metal. If you’ve ever listened to some of the early Nun-Slaughter material, but can imagine a more heavy and guttural version of that then you have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into here. Lord Mantis – Spawning the Nephilim [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/lordmantis-spawning.html This is pissed off fucking raw sludge metal at its finest. They play a form of ugly blackened sludge metal fronted by rabid sounding shrieked vocals, savage hoarse yelling and guttural lows backing them. The combination is a winning one and if you’re a fan of harsh, ugly music this is going to be a release you’ll want to revisit again and again.  The Morning After [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/morningafter.html I’ve seen a lot of really low budget stuff before, and honestly most of it is crap. But I gotta say, as soon as this flick starts you can already tell this one is a different breed. Inception [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/inception.html I was tempted while watching Inception on Friday night to simply type a review that said holy fuck and just leave it at that. This movie was that fucking mind blowingly awesome The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/girlwiththedragontattoo.html I read a bit of buzz about this on the net for a while now, but admittedly didn’t know much of what it was about. I do read a lot, but mostly old stuff so I’m not really hip as to what books are new and popular, but I guess this guy Stieg Larsson’s series of books has gotten him quite a bit of recognition. The guys in Swedish Hollywood decided they were going to make movies of his books starting with the first one Män som hatar kvinnor, or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on our side of the pond Old Dune vs New(er) Dune [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/dunevs.html Having recently read Frank Herbert’s original novel Dune I decided I’d go back and watch both David Lynch’s often maligned 1984 movie version and the somewhat less hated mini-series that the Sci-Fi channel broadcast in 2000. Hooded Menace – Never Cross the Dead [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/hoodedmenace-nevercrossthedead.html Hooded Menace put out one of the best Razorback releases in 2008 with their debut full length Fulfill the Curse. Basically the band combined imagery and lyrics about the Blind Dead series with some of the heaviest, most down tuned and crushing doom/death metal out there. Now the band returns from the grave with another masterpiece of menacing doom that’s even slower, heavier and more morbid sounding than before.  Predators [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/predators.html After the AVP movies I didn’t think that the predators were ever going to get another crack at the cinematic greatness the previous Predator films had attained due to being forever tainted by the utter shittiness the characters had now been associated with. Then I heard rumblings of 3rd Predator film in the works, and using an old script written by Robert Rodriguez some time after Predator came out.  Korn – III: Remember Who You Are [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/korn3.html Things haven’t been going so great in the Korn camp for some time now. The band began to decline in popularity after Untouchables and then after a failed attempt at re-capturing old glory in the form of Take a Look in the Mirror, lost two members of the band. The Seventh Curse [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/seventhcurse.html I’d heard about this one a while back but never got around to watching it until last night. The Seventh Curse is a Hong Kong Category III flick, that’s like NC-17 in the states and red R here in Canada, starring Chow Yun Fat Speedealer (as REO Speedealer) – self titled (on Royalty Records) [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/speedealer-reospeedealer.html Remember Speedealer? No? Remember Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Part 1? Now do you remember Speedealer? Yeah they were the guys that had two of the faster uglier tracks on there that really kicked major ass. Metropia [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/metropia.html Metropia is a Swedish made computer animated movie set in a dystopic near future where all natural resources have essentially dried up and the stock market has gone into the toilet. In this future a corporation called Trexx has linked all of Europe with a massive underground subway system called The Metro Microwave Massacre [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/microwavemassacre.html It stars Jackie Vernon who many of you may not recognize for his stand-up comedy work or acting chops but will know doubt immediately recognize as the voice actor of Frosty the Snowman in the classic X-mas cartoon short. In this movie he plays a cannibal. I guess you have to give points to Mr. Vernon for his willingness to branch out to different types of roles. Splice [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/splice.html The first time I saw the trailer for this flick I was very interested in seeing it. As I saw a few more trailers and read about it, some wildly differing opinions, some people out there really hated it! I was intrigued. From the trailer it looked a bit like a redux of Species, but the more I read about it put it more into the David Cronenberg regions of sci-fi The Brain [MOVIEZ - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/movies/brain.html I happened to stumble across this gem from the 80’s while perusing my favorite underground torrent site Cinemageddon. I remember seeing this flick on the shelves of the video store in my town when VHS was the format of choice for home video Bongzilla – Amerijuanican [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/bongzillaamerijuanican.html I have to say, despite my lack of interest in lyrics about smoking weed, that shit stopped being bad ass and cool when I graduated from highschool and moved on from listening to Cypress Hill to better things, this is some pretty fucking great sludge, stoner metal.  Fukpig - Spewings from a Selfish Nation [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/fukpigspewings.html The Necrodeath crew have done it again, Fukpig Spewings from a Selfish Nation is the type of album that grabs you by the balls and never lets go. Basically a combination of crustcore and Anaal Nathtrakh style black metal, this seething abomination of a band delivers one of the nastiest and most unique sounding extreme metal albums I’ve heard in a while Yacopsae - Tanz Gorsny Tanz [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/yacopsaetanz.html Germany’s Yacopsae, or is it Yacoepsae, the interweb has not made this clear to me, and it’s one thing that kinda bugs me about these guys, play some of the most intense, hyper fast grindcore, crust out their and Tanz Grosny Tanz may be their most intense album yet Velvet Cacoon - Genevieve [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/velvetcacoongenevieve.html Velvet Cacoon is an avant garde black metal band from Portland, Oregon. While I’m sure many will recognize this as the home of a rather incestuous group of death metal bands apparently it’s also home to some fucking killer black metal Tragedy - Vengeance [MUSICK - www.sweetooth0.com] http://www.sweetooth0.com/music/tragedyvengenace.html Tragedy is a d-beat crust band from Memphis, Tennessee formed by members of His Hero is Gone and Deathreat. They play exactly the type of crust I fuckin’ love Motorhead, Discharge, Swedish influenced d-beat crust with a rocking, bass guitar dominated sound and epic riffs